Nanette's Needles

First Knitting Log Entry

Posted on: December 30, 2010

Welcome to my knitting log, “Nanette’s Needles”. I’m Nanette.

I’ve been thinking about creating a knitting blog for my last few projects and I’ve finally done it! How well it’ll be received remains to be seen;-}

I’m in the middle of two projects right now, and just finished swatching a new one. I’ll tell you about the other two projects in another post, but right now I have to talk about the new project.

I have a bone to pick with my mother-in-law. She seems to think knitting is a waste of time. She asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year and then added, “No knitting stuff this time”. No knitting stuff. She apparently thinks knitting is a waste of time! After mulling it over for a few days I decided the only way to answer this slight to knitting was to knit her a gorgeous lace shawl for Christmas next year. Besides, I’d been looking for an excuse to buy a ½-lb cone of 2/14 Alpaca Silk [80% Alpaca/20% Silk] from Webs. (It was on sale.)

I looked at a ton of shawl patterns and found so many beautiful lace shawls (and not-lace shawls, for that matter) that it took me awhile to decide. I finally chose the Annis shawl pattern I found on Knitty. The Annis shawl looks like a good introduction to lacework. I’ve knit a fair amount of openwork stitches in heavier yarns and adore openwork, but I’ve never done anything lighter than DK and I think I’m ready. And this shawl should change my mother-in-law’s mind about knitting.

I’ve copied the Annis pattern into a Word document so I can add my own notes and any changes necessitated by the slightly different yarn. And I just finished the swatch for the Annis shawl and blocked it. That’s a first for me. I’ve never washed and blocked a swatch before. I measured it before I washed it (roughly) and after and it actually came out larger after washing and blocking.

Unblocked it was 13″ wide and 5¼” deep. Blocked it’s 15″ wide and 5½” deep. (Hey, I’d never knit such a fine yarn before and didn’t know how many stitches I needed. Also, my tension never matches the pattern gauge, so I cast on 60. A few more than I needed.)

Annis Shawl Swatch - Blocked

So we’ll see how this goes.


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