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A Brief Description of the Amy Shrug

Posted on: January 3, 2011

Here, as I promised, is a brief description of my main project.

The Amy shrug pattern from Berrocco

The Amy shrug pattern from Berrocco

It’s a lovely, long shrug from a  Berrocco pattern, called Amy. This free pattern uses a yarn I happened to already have: Ultra Silk, also by Berrocco. Unfortunately, this lovely silk, rayon and nylon blend is discontinued, but it can probably still be had from certain sellers. Incidentally, this is the first time I’ve ever used a yarn the pattern was specifically designed for. A novel experience – I didn’t have to recalculate everything;-}

When I started the shrug I had 10 balls of Ultra Silk and the pattern takes 16 balls. (I’m using the Medium/Large size.) Since the pattern has textural changes I figured I’d be safe buying more of the yarn even if the dye lot doesn’t match up. So far that’s proven the case…

Anyway, I bought more yarn – and I’ll have to tell you more later.


2 Responses to "A Brief Description of the Amy Shrug"

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