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The Cropped Cardi

Posted on: January 10, 2011

I had 10 balls of “Siam” [40% wool, 46% acrylic, 11% polyester, and 3% nylon] from Plymouth and decided to make my 11-year old daughter a cardigan. (Needless to say, the yarn is now discontinued.) Siam is a multi-colored, tufted and somewhat bulky novelty yarn with a black binding thread wrapping around the yarn. It’s quite colorful and I’d been trying to find something to do with it.

The Nimbus Cropped Cardigan

The Nimbus Cropped Cardigan

After much searching I found the Nimbus pattern by Berrocco. This is a cropped cardigan with a shawl collar and only one button. It was perfect! I couldn’t wear something like a cropped cardi, myself, but I figured my daughter would look terrific in it. (She does.)

This is the project I started while waiting for the additional yarn for the Amy shrug to come in. The pattern stitches for the Nimbus were so basic I never imagined I could have problems with it – like running out of yarn (I swatched – really I did); and the fact that a knitted panel with garter stitch running up the side eventually becomes skewed.  (You’d think I would have run into this particular problem before now.)

As usual, I wasn’t using the pattern yarn. Not so unusually, I had neglected to convert the yarn quantities. So shortly after the additional Ultra Silk yarn for the Amy shrug came in, I had to locate more Siam yarn. And yes, Siam by Plymouth has a dye lot. (Are you detecting a trend yet?)


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