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That was quick!

Posted on: January 18, 2011

Yesterday morning, I emailed Berrocco with my question about the apparent discrepancy in the Amy Shrug pattern. Yesterday afternoon I received a reply from their Pattern Support group telling me it was a typo and they would correct it! (I’ve since clarified with them that the typo was the CO stitch count for the back pattern panel and not the diagram.)

I’m impressed. Since it was a pattern for discontinued yarn, I was halfway expecting it to not be supported. Let alone same day support. Of course, it does raise the question of why in the world it wasn’t caught before now? But I’ll be magnanimous and let that be.

So the bear got bumped again. I know, I feel sooo awful… I keep trying to get my daughter interested in the bear so she’ll finish it for me. She can knit at a basic level and the bear is pretty basic. But her attention span is par for the course for a pre-teen. And, I’m sorry, but the acrylic yarn for the bear just doesn’t feel anywhere near as nice to my hands as the silk yarn for the shrug does.


1 Response to "That was quick!"

Hey maybe you could both join me on my Knitting Day this Thursday!

I am inviting fellow knitters/bloggers to join me this Thursday, Jan. 20th 8am EST in an on-line Knitting Marathon!

I hope to move several of my Works-in-Progress closer to Finished-Status. If you’re interested, take a peek at my blog. I’ve posted the details over the last couple of days.

Thanks and Have a GREAT Day!


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