Nanette's Needles

Procrastination As A Life Choice

Posted on: March 3, 2011

It’s working pretty well. I’m taking the afghan panel with me when I go places and I’m working on the shrug’s back pattern panel when I’m home in the evenings. But I’ll tell you, the panel was moving faster for awhile there. It was as if I didn’t want to work on the shrug. Which may very well be the case. I’ve been working on it forever! (Seems like it, anyway;-)

For awhile there every time I’d sit down to knit at home, I’d look at that back panel – and then get up and do some laundry. Or I’d look at that back panel – and then go clean up the kitchen. Nah – primarily I was doing laundry. OK, so I was also behind in things. But I’m supposed to love knitting so much I do it to the exclusion of all else! No – wait. That’s the Yarn Harlot.

Some would say I’m a born procrastinator (if you can spell it you probably are one) but I think I just get overwhelmed easily by certain things. When that happens my focus just refuses to settle on those things.

The last several days I’ve been abShrug - Back Pattern Band - Almost Donele to put time in on the shrug’s back panel and I’m amazed at how far a ball of yarn goes on that thing. ‘Course, it’s openwork. I wonder if I might even be done with it this week! I’m on the last repeating set in the directions…



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