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Shawl Redux

Posted on: July 13, 2011

Since I’ve finished the first shawl, I’m on to shawl #2. (Ok, there’s still beading to be done on the first one, but it’s been blocked so it’s officially finished, right?)

Little Shells - BackI searched for a pattern that was similar to the Annis Shawl, but without the nupps. I found what I was looking for in Little Shells Shawlette, by Holly and Ella Knits.  It’s a shawlette worked in lace-weight yarn with lots of openwork and a border with fun points. It looks like it should come out to close to the same dimensions.

It took me several tries to master the starting rows. Definitely a different way to start. “Cast on 3 sts and knit 7 rows. Pick up 5 sts along the right edge and 3 along the bottom for a total of 11 sts.” That actually becomes the part of the shawl resting along the neck. It works.

The part I’m having trouble with, and that has caused me to rip everything back to cast-on at least 5 times now, is the lace section. My lace section looks nothing like the picture. That could either be because it hasn’t been blocked (being still on the needles) or I could be misinterpreting the directions. The pattern uses “YO” as a “M1” and I finally had to do the math to understand every YO was actually a M1. (Heaven forbid I should do the math first;-) But it doesn’t look right.

I’ve actually got 2 versions on the needles right now. The second is a smaller copy so I can check the lace part of the pattern.


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